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SF Beer Week 2024 | Festivals

One of the first cities ever to host a “beer week,” SF Beer Week is an extension of San Francisco's thriving craft brewing culture.

One of the first cities ever to host a “beer week,” and called home by many of the pivotal breweries in the craft beer scene, including Anchor Brewing Company and 21st Amendment Brewing, San Francisco has long been known for its thriving craft beer culture. Organized by the Bay Area Brewers Guild, this fest kicks off with an opening gala at seaside Pier 35, followe

Miami Beer, Wine and Spirits Festival 2024 | Festivals

For all those who hate the pungent aftertaste of bottom shelf tequila and find bliss in a smooth drink then the Miami Beer, Wine and Spirits festival is your carnival.

For all those who hate the pungent aftertaste of bottom shelf tequila and find bliss in a smooth drink then the Miami Beer, Wine and Spirits festival is your carnival. It’s reportedly a common sight to see people getting lost while taking in the aromas. You get unlimited samples of bubbly, fine wines, craft beers and signature co

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival 2024 | Festivals

The Tampa stop of the touring Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival is like a summer day party right at the end of winter. Set up next to the ocean, the aroma of wood fire and roasting meat imbue the festival air, accompanied by notes of flowing bourbon. Each ticketed guest receives their own complimentary glass for unlimited spirit sampling. Usually, you have to wait until June to feel this smoky and good.

The festival grounds host an array of vendors, from renowned distilleries to hand-rolled cigars

Miami/Brickell Art Festival 2024 | Festivals

With shark-mouth bubblers, great art and international food, this unpretentious Miami art festival passes the vibe check.

The Miami/Brickell Art Festival easily passes the vibe check. Bubbles drifting from a shark-mouth bubble blaster gently alight past beautiful paintings, while colossal pans sizzle with world cuisines. Live music, drum circles,and street performers fill Brickell. With more than 150 artist stalls showcasing a wide array of artwork, from Venetian Plaster masterpieces to intrica

Big Texas Beer Festival 2024 | Festivals

Hoards of thirsty beer lovers from middle-aged men in bermuda shorts to nonchalant 20-somethings, eagerly queuing up to get that crisp first sip of craft beer.

Picture this lively scene: robust guys with beaver beards and beer barrel hats, ladies adorned with pretzel ring necklaces and siblings sporting Boy Scout uniforms, a funny dude with a bandana proudly donning a “Bernie Kosar for President” T-shirt, middle-aged couples on double-dates saying cheers a little too loudly, and the air is fill

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2024 | Festivals

If you love petting Alpacas, country music superstars and a bucking rodeo show, then get yourself down to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Just like San Diego’s Comic-Con and New Orleans’s Mardi Gras, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) is Space City’s crowning glory. Taking place at NRG Park, home of the Houston Texans football team, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this event has close to everything you could want in an live event: live music, carnivals, barbecue cook

Beyond Existence 2023 | Festivals

Heady combination of bass music, community, spirituality and oh, free camping too.

Beyond Existence Festival is, almost paradoxically, a bass-heavy electronic music festival for those who hate huge concert crowds. This is a party on a smaller scale, where one can meet like-minded, community-centric people. Now, it’s a well-known, PLUR cliche that ravers have almost instantaneous, deeper connections with people they meet in the pit, but at Beyond Existence, you will reportedly never bump into a

Eat Drink SF 2023 | Festivals

The 10-day San Francisco food festival that is long on multi-course avant-garde food, short on the wallet, and surprisingly greasy.

When you first see the Eat Drink SF venue, you’re likely to think it’s a bougie, wine sipping, avant-garde food festival where you won’t have to wipe food grease off your face. But, here, Michelin star chefs and food truck cooks whip up delicacies, highbrow and lowbrow, behind live cooking counters under the same roof.

It goes down over three days at the festival’

Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival | Festivals

The Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival brings everything from handcrafted wooden furniture to hand-thrown pottery and mixed media paintings to downtown Carefree, just outside of Phoenix.

Just outside of Phoenix, the Thunderbird Artists bring 165 talented creators to the charming downtown Carefree for the 31st Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival. The artists make everything from handcrafted wooden furniture, fiber sculptures and woven art, to hand-thrown pottery, metalli

Florida Seafood Festival 2023 | Festivals

The Florida Seafood Festival is back for its 60th year to celebrate the maritime history, fishermen and local community of Apalachicola.

What does Apalachicola, Fla. have that New York City doesn’t? Better local seafood and strangers with a low risk of snarling at you. That’s what you’ll get at the 60th Florida Seafood Festival in Apalachicola: a slew of white tents with delicious seafood-y smoke wafting from their grills, cooked by locals who genuinely smile — an experience far better than goi

'Greatest Hotels Ever' Awards: And the Winners Are...

In September of last year, when we asked our discerning readers to submit nominations for our first Greatest Hotels Ever awards, we were really asking: “What are the most notable hotel experiences in the U.S., ones with a bit of attitude, for under $350 a night?” We received a flood of submissions that were then vetted to arrive at the 50 in our inaugural list. In short, these are the hotels that our readers say are the best experiences you can find for under $350 a night, and we agree. You’ll f