About Me

I am a former lawyer from India and currently a graduate student at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, enrolled in the  Reporting the Nation and New York program. 

My career switch was propelled (like everyone else) due to the pandemic. The World slowed down and I found time for some deep introspection. Reflecting on my law school days, I realized that public service was central to my whole being because of my involvement in rescuing injured stray animals, participating in reforestation efforts, and conducting seminars on sustainable menstruation for women in Mumbai's slums, all of it while skipping lectures in Law school.

Frustrated with drafting monotonous legal contracts where I could not use my own voice, I wanted my work to be impactful and shed light on injustices. Since public service and story-telling were my calling-cards, a career in journalism became a straighforward choice. 

At NYU, I have been reporting on the challenges faced by minority communities such as women, international students, and the South Asian and Indo-Caribbean diasporas. Additionally, I cover topics related to mental health, gender violence, culture, and food.

My passion for human-interest stories has recently led me to gravitate towards investigative journalism (my lawyer skills help) and also quite contrastingly towards long-form magazine features that provide a deeper exploration of complex issues.